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Weight Loss for Mountain Bikers

This article can be read in full on the TrainingPeaks Blog.

The off-season is a golden time to make focused changes to increase performance next season. Losing weight is the most likely place to reap gains for most mountain bikers. Climbing hills at a body weight of 150 pounds is a lot easier than at 175 pounds. At a lighter body weight you won’t have to work as hard, will be faster racing, and have more fun on group rides.

Weight Loss for Mountain Bikers

Cutting weight is not easy. It takes dietary modifications, portion control, and a calorie deficit. These factors can negatively impact immediate training and performance. Lose the weight, in the off-season, so as not to interfere with training later when it counts. Get down to race-weight before race-season so you can keep a neutral calorie balance for intense in-season training and optimal racing.

For mountain bikers in particular, there are more benefits to racing light and lean than simply less gravity on the climbs. A leaner, lighter physique and increased power to weight ratio improves other areas of mountain bike performance.

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