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SWORKIT workouts

We will use the SWORKIT app for much of our strength and flexibility training. Each exercise has a video showing proper form, and custom timers to guide a workout. The app is available on iOS and Android, both free and paid. Their premium plan adds web access, unlimited custom workouts and custom workout plans. Plans as of this writing are $30/quarter and $60/year.

You can use the posted training squad workouts with the free version of the app. There are two things limited in the free version. First, the order of exercises is randomized, so do a light warmup before starting the workout. Second, you can only store one custom workout. This isn’t really a problem, just click the link in the TrainingPeaks workout description. This will open SWORKIT, let the app overwrite any previously loaded custom workout.

Each TrainingPeaks workout has an attached graphic you can use if you’d like to keep the exercises in order. Here’s the intermediate shoulder workout graphic.

The paid version doesn’t have any of these limitations. You can also use a built in wizard to create a custom plan. Strength -> intermediate is the place to start for most MTB athletes.

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