Training Level and Zone Calculator

Enter your 20 min average power and heart rate from your 20 min test.  Your functional threshold power and training zones/levels are calculated below.  Use the functional threshold power value in WKO+ software (if you use it) to ensure accurate TSS/IF data.

Copy them down and happy training to you. 

Enter 20 min average POWER watts
Enter 20 min average HEART RATE BPM
Your Functional Threshold Power is   watts
Power Levels
System Level Power Range
Recovery 1 and under
Aerobic 2 to
Tempo 3 to
Threshold 4 to
VO2 Max 5 to
AWC 6 and up
HR Zones
System Level HR Range
Recovery 1 to
Aerobic 2 to
Tempo 3 to
Sub Threshold 4 to
Super Threshold 5 to