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Training resources for July 2020

2020 has been wall-to-wall drama. My life has changed, LW Coaching has changed, training and racing has changed, America and the World have changed. I have both grown and shrunk, my eyes have been opened wide time and time again, along with my heart. I know I am absolutely not unique. Every citizen on this globe has been touched by the pandemic and every American, I hope, has been touched by #BLM. The depth of what I did not know due to my personal privilege and ignorance is astounding. I always considered myself quite thoughtful. If you think you are any different read this and reflect upon what you “knew” and what you now know.

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Every year I commit to taking a month retreat away from social media, the inter-webs and ideally even cell service. July is my retreat month for 2020. This time I am headed off the grid solo, to walk a long way with my thoughts and absorb the beauty of the land. As Scott Sidener so eloquently put it before starting his Nolan’s 14 “I get to disappear into my dreams, into the wilderness”.

Here are some resources to access in July while I am off the grid

I always want every athlete to be taken care of with the best service possible. I care. While I am gone, please access the following resources:

Athlete Support Forum – I am not accepting new posts or questions in July on our athlete support forum. Search to see if one of our 7,000+ posts has your answer.

Training Plan Finder App – Plug in your races and goals and our training plan finder tool will give you the best recommendation on which of our training plans to follow.

TrainingPeaks Help Center – For help with anything TrainingPeaks related, search for the answer in the TP help center or contact Training Peaks

Training Plan FAQ’s

How to Stack LW Coaching Modular Mountain Bike Training Plans Across your Season – Examples of training plan stacks.

LW Coaching article library

Post-season break – Why you should take one, when and how?

Listen to our LW Coaching podcasts on Mountain Bike Radio

Here is where I will be in July. Off-the-grid, no service. Deep. Stoked!!!

I appreciate your support and will be back in action August 3rd, fresh and eager to coach, consult and figure out how to live our best lives moving forward in 2020.