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Training Intensity Guidelines

IntensityCommon namesPerceived Exertion Scale (1-10)Friel Heart rate zoneCoggan Power LevelsConversation IndicatorBreathing LevelGeneral Feeling
EasyActive Recovery, Endurance1-211You can easily hold a normal conversationBreathing is normal to very slightly elevated. You can still breathe through your nose with your mouth closedGo all day pace. JRA (just riding along) pace. Light pressure on the pedals.
ModerateEndurance, Tempo3-42-32-3Conversation is still possibleBreathing is slightly elevated. You must open your mouth to breatheYou can cruise along for 2-3 hours at this pace
Moderate-FastTempo, Lactate Threshold5-74-5a3-4You can talk in four word sentences but conversation is difficultBreathing deepens markedly. It is audible to a training partnerYou can maintain this pace for a maximum of 3-60 minutes
FastVO2max7-95b5-6You can give one word answers but cannot converseBreathing changes to suckingThis is the pace you can maintain for a maximum of 30 seconds-3 minutes
MaximumAnaerobic Capacity, Neuromuscular Power10+5c6+Grunting is possible!Sustainable efforts are too short to max out breathing levelYou can only sustain this pace for very short efforts

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