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The structured workout format in TrainingPeaks has opened up new ways to follow specific bike workouts. Use them indoors to control the resistance of your smart trainer. Use them outdoors on your Garmin or Wahoo to know what to do and when, and see feedback on how you’re doing.

Our LW Coaching training plans are set up so every bike workout can be performed on a smart trainer, non-smart trainer or outdoors. It’s your choice – you don’t have to ride indoors if the weather is good! You can take advantage of the structured workouts indoors or outdoors.

In TrainingPeaks time and intensities are specified in the structured workout. Heart rate targets are listed in the text description for those without power meters. Click the export button at top right of your TrainingPeaks workout to download the structured workout file in a number of formats.


structured workout example

A structured workout example


Here are a few ways to use structured workouts.



Ready to get started? Here’s how to find our training plans designed for plug-and-play compatibility with these newer devices and apps.

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Use the new plan formats to nail your training and make your indoor sessions more engaging.