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New Stage Race PR plan

New LW Coaching Training Plan 7-Day Mountain Bike Stage Race – Personal Record Plan.

We have had the 7-Day Mountain Bike Stage Race – Finishers Plan available for a couple of seasons. Our PR plan is new. This is the plan for racers aiming to place high and push their limits.

Mountain biking stage racing is becoming more widespread. 2009 sees the addition of two new races, The Breck Epic (which I am signed up for. I like racing inaugural events 🙂 and The Intermontagne Challenge. I raced the inaugural BCBR in 2007. I raced Trans Rockies in 2006 winning the Open mixed category and in 2008 on a single speed! Stage racing is uber fun. I’m looking forward to Breck Epic this year in July. You can bet I’ll be following this stage race PR plan for Breck Epic.
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