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MTB Ride Food. Mmmmmm.

Here is my LW Coaching recipe “book” of MTB ride food. Healthy real whole food to fuel your body with while training. Everything posted here goes in a zip lock baggie and in your pocket unless otherwise recommended.

I’ll add to this post on a continual basis so check back.

Sweet potato, hemp seeds, coconut oil and salt

‎1 sweet potato peeled then baked in microwave for 6 mins, some salt, about 2 TBS hemp seeds, about 2 tsp coconut oil. Smash and mix, put in baggie, go ride to a view-point, admire view and eat.

Rice cakes with coconut flakes

1 cup of uncooked rice. Cook rice according to instructions. Scramble 3 eggs. Mix cooked rice, scrambled eggs with some coconut flakes, Bragg liquid aminos, rice vinegar, salt, lime juice. Smash into any pan. Cool in fridge. Chop into squares, put in baggie, go ride to a view-point, admire view and eat. Spam Lite is the anti-Mmmm!

SPAM Lite is NOT ride food!

This was so nasty. DH volunteered to be the brave tester today. The fake pink color was nasty, the taste was nasty and the after taste was uber-nasty!! Ha, ha – you never, ever need to put this in your Camelbak for view-point snacking! Spam Lite got the official triple thumbs down from me.

Kep’s Balls are ride food!

Kep’s Balls are made in Buena Vista, Colorado and are sold directly from their website.  Their advantage over home-made ride food is a longer shelf life. Kep’s Balls come in Vegan, Original and Espresso flavors. They are all made with healthy whole foods so get a big LW Coaching thumbs up. They are super yummy, earning a triple thumbs up. The vegan Kep’s Balls have  organic ginger in and I go ga-ga for ginger. I absolutely love the vegan Kep’s Balls.


6,000 Calories of ride food for a bikepacking trip

Shelf life is crucial for bikepacking ride food as some of this stuff will be in my pack for 3 days. Here is what I took on a 4 day 3 night spring break bikepack trip for ride food. Dinner and breakfast food are packed separately and not pictured here.

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