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    An update, and not necessarily great.

    Unfortunately only two signed for 24H solo and one team. The rest of the entries are either in the 12H or 6H categories. The race promoter has contacted me and gave me two options: move to another category or get credit for another event.

    I am going with option 3: I dont need a timing chip to complete a 24H ride. The trail allows for night riding, so now it a matter of me against my mind. For entry purposes I switched to 12H, but what I win there (or not) is secondary.

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    Race week! Start is at 10am, no Le Mans style, but with a climb into the course. Not bad, just have to remember easy does it. In terms of warmup, program says 5-10 minutes of easy pedaling. What other things are recommended for warmup?

    Hydration and nutrition are ready too. Lots of lessons learned throughout this training. I even plan on bringing a bathroom scale to weigh myself after each lap to ensure hydration is on schedule (had a situation during one of the rides).

    Support crew is also ready. One year of me telling them I am doing this and they have accepted that I am missing a screw, and willing to be at my side regardless of.

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    The first three weeks have gone well. My first FTP test did not go as expected in terms of the FTP, but the heart rate number was a surprise for me that it was higher, which was a good thing. It matched with how well I’ve been feeling. Its been a good thing that I have an indoor trainer as only two rides I managed to do on trails due to inclement weather. The good thing about it though was that I was able to practice the food I am planning on having in the house, similar to what I plan on doing during the race (solid foods on the pits and the Skratch Superfuel with me at all times while riding). I’ve been able to also do some of the road rides outdoors as well.

    The fourth week I did my second FTP test. As expected, my FTP was higher, although the average heart rate was lower compared to the first one. This tells me a couple of things. First, there was a possibility that I went too hard too soon on the first one. I remember that my heart rate started at around 155, while this time I started at around 130. Both averages were 183 vs 174. I will assume that the heart rate from the first one is ok and that I definitely could have more in the tank for the third FTP test coming on W7. While doing the hill intervals for W4 I decided to use power for the session (L4) rather than heart rate. My heart rate mostly stayed in Zone 2 during this, but I am assuming that because the intervals were at a low rpm I was using more of the muscle rather than cardio while doing L4 power. This is telling me a lot of how my body may respond to different types of efforts as possibly when I see heart rate below a certain number I may be pushing a power number too high in order to get to a target HR.

    More fun to be had these next two weeks.

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    Did a bit of rearranging to Week 1 as it seems that with the three FTP tests I would have time to see my results change, so did the first one today. Tomorrow will do the first workout of the program with Tuesday doing an easy bike ride. I was surprised that the power stayed the same as my previous FTP (lots of things need to be cleaned before really), but the heart rate was higher than before, which in a way corresponds to how well I’ve been feeling since following the 50 Mile Finishers plan. The other two FTP tests should be on their respective days

    I am also looking forward to the double workout days on Wednesday. Wake up early to knock off the strength portion and then on the bike after work.

    The road to the Wolfcreek 24H has started!

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    Ok, sounds good.

    One thing that may need clarification. For the 10 minutes easy spin, is that before the 8:35am wave start or did you mean before the 8am pre race meeting? I am assuming the latter as it makes more sense to do the other warmup spins and assess start situation.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Quick update going into raceday:

    -Friday looks like it will be raining all day, so pre riding the course (or anywhere) will be hard. Is there an alternative? Probably if it stops raining I could go around the first mile which has a slight uphill. I can figure it out in the park.

    – I plan going with wave #2 (8:35a) I would say that the time should be available, but based on the time you suggest for warmup, 20 minutes should be what I am shooting for.

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    Week 2 is done. Got some good weather for the weekend and made both my ride on the MTB as prescribed. Here are my assessments for both rides. For feedback, if there is anything else I should be looking at besides the things I describe in both rides I would appreciate it. I intend on doing this assessment for every weekend ride that is done outdoors.


    Track: Lost Valley
    Time: 2:00pm
    Temp: 81, medium humidity

    The ride went well overall. The track was wet with slippery parts, so I was taking it easy to not overdo it and lose the bike. The objective was to keep the heart rate at or below Zone 2, so in my case this means 158bpm or below. While I would not say I struggled to keep it at below that number for the whole ride, it was noticeably higher while going over obstacles. Granted, obstacles were wet, but it was a struggle to keep things under the target number. When this happened, heart rate was mostly in Z3 and low Z4. Another section that went up it was on a fire road climb. I was expecting this to happen, but at all times I felt under control and not under stress. Heart rate went into low Z5 towards the top. Descending went well, with heart rate going down during the descents. I feel comfortable during descents. So I usually try and take these as a moment to catch my breath. Overall I spent around 23 minutes over Z2.

    Things to consider:

    Did my concern with getting the heart rate up caused me to doubt myself while trying to clear obstacles?
    Are the current tires due to a change? Sometimes grip was not there, and I also know that they have some miles in them. I will be getting a new set before the race.
    If I try this course and same format on a cooler day, will it result in a better control of my heart rate?


    Track: Greensfelder
    Time: 9:30 am
    Temp: 74, medium humidity

    Before ride calcs (3hr): 1020 calories, 60 oz water, 900mg sodium
    Carried: 120 oz water with 380mg sodium per 20 oz, 1180 calories (480 from drink mix, 200 from two gels, 140 from Skratch chewables, 360 from Bobos bar)
    Consumed (during ride): 80 oz water, 700 calories
    Consumed (after ride): 40 oz water, 340 calories
    Weight (before ride): 172.0
    Weight (After ride): 172.2*

    The ride went well overall. I still noticed that its hard for me to keep the heart rate at zone 2 or below, but this time I focused on, when I went above, to keep calm and let the bike do the rest. I focused more on the body feeling when in those zone to pick up the cues as I ride rather than look at the bike computer and perhaps panic. Overall I spent 47 minutes above Zone 2.

    I also noticed that I may have a hard time consuming solid foods (Bobos Bar) while riding. I do have Skratch Superfuel that I can use in my hydration bladder and go with that for the race. For training purposes, I will keep using other methods for fueling and hydrating as the superfuel mix is kinda expensive. Gels were ok. I am sure chewables will be fine, but it may be a good idea to open the packets before the race as they are hard to open. Will try the wafers on a future ride.

    One note regarding the water: it looks like I brought the right amount looking at the weight. However, I did not consume it all during the ride, so I assume that I was down two pounds or more after the ride was over.

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    Alright, so Week 1 is done and must say I am super happy with how things went. The FTP test had to be conducted indoors as mother nature decided that thunderstorms were going to be around the area for the day. Even with that, I was happy with the results and that looking at the heart rate zones and how they related to the RPE it was one to one accurate for me. Needless to say, I gave it all.

    Now, onto the next week (and following weeks). I see that there will be several rides that will be on the MTB. However, many times in the area thunderstorms leave the trails unrideable. For obvious reasons, I am not riding on muddy trails and cause more damage to them in the name of training. I am assuming that as a last resort is ok to do these indoors, but the main purpose of going to technical sections and courses that resemble the 50 mile course is to get used to various things that will make keeping a constant cadence and pace a bit hard and learn how to deal with these variables during the training sessions.


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    Quick question regarding the first bike session. It involves doing the intervals on a heart rate in Zone 2 or below at all times. However, the FTP test does not happen until day 6. I am assuming the best way to gauge is by perceived exertion. Which level would you recommend or is there a reference point I should aim for this first session?


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    Thanks for the reply. While I dont have a power meter on my bike, I wanted to use the trainer to have an idea of what it could look like for the days I am going to do some of the workouts indoor rather than outdoor for safety and weather reasons. I intend to do the plan with HR for most of the time.

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