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    Finishing out week 5 of the 40+ 50 mile PR plan and the weather in Colorado is not going to cooperate. The Ridgeline 48 miler has been pushed out a week to 5/8.

    Any recommendation for a substitute activity for this week’s day 7, 5-hour ride?

    I can make day 6 work as planned with a snow ride and some trainer time.

    BTW, my xc race on Wednesday went very well. I went in with the goal of metering my effort and trying for consistent lap times or negative splits over the three laps. This meant watching two guys ride away from me through traffic on the first lap. I was able to ride about 20 seconds faster on both the 2nd and 3rd laps. Legs really opened up on that last lap.

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    50 Miler PR Plan – Race Schedule

    Target Race – Bailey Hundito on 6/18.

    Started the plan on 3/28 and I’m finishing up week 2.

    I’ve got 10 days of international travel from May 4-14th. Both my outbound and inbound travel days are about 24 hours of airplanes and airports. I’ll be able to return to on the bike training on the 14th, but this trip always kicks my butt so I’ll be a little off recovering from jet-lag that week. I’ll have access to weights and maybe an exercise bike at the hotel during the travel period.

    I’m specifically interested in your thoughts on mid-week xc races during weeks 5 and 8 where there’s an endurance race on the weekend and any ideas you have for the travel period.

    Week 5
    4/27 mid-week XC race ~1 hour
    4/30 Ridgeline Rampage Marathon 48 Miles

    Week 8 is interesting. Two race opportunities including the GJ Off Road which I’m keen to do and fits in well with the schedule. This is also my jet lag recovery week. Prior to my work trip getting rescheduled I would have pegged this as a B race.

    5/18 mid-week XC race ~1 hour
    5/22 GJ Off Road 40ish miles

    Week 9
    5/25 mid-week XC race ~1:30 hours

    Week 10
    6/2 PV Derby Marathon 55 Miles

    Week 11 I’ll be in Wisconsin with a bike and there happens to be a race going on. I’m thinking this may not be optimal if I’m supposed to be tapering.

    6/12 WORS XC ~1:30

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    Getting ready to move on to 40+ 50 Mile PR plan. What changes should I expect to make to tweak this for the single speed? If you’ve covered this elsewhere you can just point me in the right direction.

    Looking over the preview I’m assuming the long days should be done on the ss. Should I keep the ss specific workouts (standing climbs, rap and coast) in the mix?


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    For my day 7 SS base rides with the long 20-60 minute climbs, do you have a ball park number for how much time in those rides should be spent climbing?

    Do you prefer questions like this as new posts or does keeping this thread going work?

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    Also, did a fitness test lately and know my HR zones.

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