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    Lynda said:

    That is the magic plan that will bring on a wicked peak for you at Worlds Smile

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    Lynda said:

    Tell me about your replacement race. Is it another 24 hour solo? What did you do on the day the race was supposed to be that was cancelled – did you go and ride for 24 hours?


    24 Solo Worlds in Canmore (elite cat) is my next race. Not really a replacement but one I planned on re-peaking for anyway. I didnt plan on racing hard last weekend but go through the motions (testing, learning, getting to know my pit crew). I would then fully recover and re-peak for the worlds.

    I raced for 7 hours and 28 minutes before the race was called due to dangerous weather. I stayed up most the night waiting for word from the org on if they would re-start or not. I was declaired the winner at 5AM and the race stopped.


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    I am in the same situation. Last weekends race was cancelled adn I used 24 Solo plan to peak for. The next event July 24th – 26th is one that I would like to adjust my peak for. That is like a little over 4 weeks away. I am wondering if I just slide the plan up 4 weeks which means some long rides and then re-tapering.

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    Low Priority 'C' and a short cross country race. Just a little filler fun race!

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    Can we expand upon question 1, switching training days?

    You mention that it is best to keep the pattern of 'hard day' then 'rec long ride day'.

    So if we have a race on Sunday would it be best to shift the long recovery ride to Monday? Or just go into the next week without the long easy ride?

    Thanks for your help and a belated congrats on

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    Great, thanks Lynda!

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    Thanks Lynda. Good info! I am suprised about the 6 month figure and to be honest it validates some of my experiences after a 24 hour effort.

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    Slow … sorry but it is true. The entire site seems real slow.

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    Back off training or back off in the race?

    Last year's training included 570 hrs, 5,002 miles, and 407,284 ft of climbing. I am 42 so I did two week blocks then 1 week recovery instead of the usual 3 week block then 1 week rest.

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    Well … I dont have a uterus … lol! šŸ™‚

    Recently doing core it was my Lower Legs (gastrocnemiu) and the foot!

    Last summer the Hamstrings froze up in a 100 mile MTB race.

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    It could be hydration but I dont think I am doing anything diffrent than the past except more core strength workouts (old dude now).

    I was reading Joe Friel's blog “Electrolytes and Muscle Cramps” and he mentions new resurch on

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    The Butte 100 :

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    I agree with chpfly, training peaks puts the compicated back into training.

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