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XC Winter Series

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      Just wanted to drop a quick line to say thanks for the coaching so far. I’ve been following the 100km PR plan for the last 5 weeks, with a goal at the end of October. In between this time I’ve had a couple of XC races (approx 40km’s) over winter.

      I just finished the 3rd of 3 winter XC series in Rotorua and since the first one back in July to the one just been in the weekend, I’ve managed to improve my ranking overall. Definitely not a front of the packer, but I’m happy with how I’ve been going. For example, based on the other riders around me from the first and third races, I’ve improved and ended up faster and/or closer in time to others above me. My pacing was good in the last race and I knew, based on a VO2 max session earlier in the week, that I could push hard several times (when needed) and I wouldn’t blow out completely.

      My goal now is to keep consistent as I’m finding it hard to fit in the 12 – 15 hours of training on the bike each week. For example, when I’ve got a 2 or 2.5 hour ride mid-week I usually can only fit in 1 to 1.5 hours. But I do manage to do the main sets, just without the full warmup or warm down as prescribed.

      Overall, happy with the plan for now and will just keep trucking. Thanks for the guidance to date Lynda.


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      Congrats on your improvements and finishes. Thanks for the update and the kind words. Much appreciated.


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