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XC Race Training after 24H Training

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      Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for all your advice on 24h race training – just posted a race report in the other forum! I’m hoping to build on all this training for the upcoming collegiate season (2-3h XC races and a 30-40 min STXC). It seems like doing some speed work would be beneficial after all the go-slow-long-time training. Do you have any recommendations for workouts? I was also looking at the time-crunched cat 1 XC training plan, but the first race of the season I think is in 3 weeks, and the last in 8-9. Do you think it’d be worth it to try to crunch that plan down, or do you have any other recommendations?

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      Hi Bubbabaek,

      Following the TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan is the perfect plan for you. Given your great base and current fitness level, I recommend skipping the first few weeks of the plan. Start on week 3 or 4 to land at your last race on week 12.

      Coach Lynda

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