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XC more power steep climbs

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      Hi Lynda,

      After finishing your Master base and Race plan, the races have started. The good thing is that my base is good I think. I can ride my 75 min races with almost same lap times each lap. And technically the races are going better then ever before.

      The only thing is that I am about 7 minutes behind after de winner of the race. In the month May I don t have important races and in June I have about 4 races again.

      Is there something I can put into my training schedule coming months. Maybe more lactate training. Tabata ‘s? Especially steep climbs 10-40 sec. where I need a lot of power are hard for me. Also after these climbs I need time to recover and cannot push anymore. Maybe you have some advise for me. And for next year I want to know of there is a little more intensive plan I can follow. Maybe Category 2 or 1 training plan if I want to have more progression.

      Thank you.

      Regards Frank

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      Great to hear your races are going better than ever before. In May, include training that has more course specificity to your June races. If the race courses have many 10-40 sec climbs, put in a workout once per week of 10 – 40 sec intervals. If the course demands another strength, include a ride once per week focusing on that course demand.

      Coach Lynda

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