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      Hi Lynda

      I am on Week #7 / Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Training Plan.

      I cannot train on day 6 which should be 4 hrs off road tempo .

      At this stage I take it these longer rides are quite key .

      I can bump the ride forward to Day 5 (friday) , but then should I still do day 4 (L3 tempo 45′ flat)

      Can those 2 be succesffully combined in to one ? or does one have priority out of day 4 and day 6 .
      I asuume the most key workout is day 7 (Endurance session. Refine pacing and fuel plan. 6 hrs)
      I did not have much success with the last big weekend like this due to fatigue , so I am kinda hoping the day between the 2 bigs rides will actually help …??

      Many Thanks


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      Hi Dave,

      I recommend dropping day 6 instead of moving it. Focus on quality rides on day 4 and 7. Day 7 is the highest priority ride of the week. Nail day 7 and you can call the week a success.

      Coach Lynda

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