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Winter Ultra Training Plan Stack

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    Hi Lynda, I’m racing the Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) 350 mile race starting February 24th and one month later on March 24th I’m racing the White Mountains 100 mile race. I am currently following the 2-5 day bike packing plan. My thoughts are to recover for a week after ITI, then start riding again for fun for a week and to do some intervals from the PR 100 mile training plan to get my legs back into some sort of shape for the 100 mile race. What are your suggestions for timing and stacking these two events/training?

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    Hi Clinton,

    How exciting you are in ITI! It’s one of those events where the amount of energy you have to spend to get from the start line to the finish line is extremely condition dependent.

    If you have an easy weather year and a flawless ride at ITI, your plan of a week off is spot on. Do not do ANY intervals in the second week, but do get back on your bike for 4-5 x 1-2 hour, zone 1-2 rides. The third week post ITI follow week 11 of your PR 100 mile training plan and then week 12 for race week at WM 100. This is the most aggressive ideal scenario I recommend.

    If you have a difficult weather year and overcome energy draining challenges to reach the finish line you may need 2-3 weeks off, then follow week 12 in race week and pace the WM100 appropriately.

    Coach Lynda

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