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Whiskey 50

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      Hi Lynda!

      Wow, what an amazing race the Whiskey 50 was.  I did very well considering my training this season is for XC races.  I even got to stand on the podium in 5th place for the Women's Open Category!  I never expected that!  

      My legs fell strong for the first 25 miles and I was riding in 1st place for the women. Then, climbing back out of Skull Valley, my speed slowed and my legs quit hammering.  

      I felt like my fueling was going well until I hit “Cramp Hill” around mile 40 and I did begin to cramp.  I never cramp!  But, there I was CRAMPING, so I rode through it and it eventually went away.  I am interested on what you know about cramping and why it happens.  I know that I was taking in the right amount of calories and e-lytes per hour for the heat, so I'm not sure that was the problem.  

      Overall, I am very satisfied with the Cat 1 Base Plan, and now the Cat 1 XC Build Plan.  I felt strong, fast, and confident on the bike!  Thanks so much for all your help!  Next is the Alien Run XC, 12 hrs Mesa Verde, and MSC #1!  

      Brianne 🙂

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      Podium! Congrats!

      Cramping usually happens from going longer and harder than you have done in training recently.

      Read this article I wrote answering that very same question: 

      How do I prevent muscle cramping during races?

      Thanks for the race report! Good luck at Mesa Verde.


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