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Which power method in Training Peaks?

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      Hi Lynda! I will be starting one of your MTB plans (with ERG for Zwift integration) next week. I took the Zwift FTP test this week. In Training Peaks, which Threshold Power “method” do you recommend I select to set my zones? In Zwift they use the Coggan 6-zone calculation for the Advanced Winter Plan which I just completed, yet in the past I’ve used the CTS 6-zone method. They are drastically different from each other, so I want to make sure I select the best one for your plan! Which one would you recommend I select in Training Peaks for your MTB plan I’m about ready to start? Thanks! Kristi Olson

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      Hi Kristi,

      We use Coggan power levels and Joe Friel for cycling HR training zones. You will find this information in the plan content testing instructions on test day.

      Coach Lynda

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      Perfect, thanks Lynda!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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