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What to expect from HR field tests

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      Now that I’ve completed a half dozen of the LTHR field tests I’m wondering what to make of the data. My max HR has gone down, from 184 to 179, and my 20 min average has gone down, from 177 to 171. My mileage during the test has gone up.

      Questions for you:
      1. I’ve read that max HR should come down some as you get fitter and that it’s because your heart is getting more efficient. Would you agree with that?

      2. Should my 20 min average be trending down like it is? Or, am I doing something wrong? I’ve been using the same course.

      3. Overall, is this what you would expect to see over multiple tests?


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      1. Yes, max HR decreases with increased fitness and increased age.

      2. Average 20 min HR trending down is normal also as you get fitter and your heart gets stronger.

      3. Yes.


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