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What is a good pattern for a "Recovery Week"

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    Hi Lynda,

    You have stacked training for me this year around CTR and a series of 5 races. One of those race dates got moved to April 20. So, bumped up to weekend after next.

    I am currently in CTR week #3 and I need to taper next week for the race. I assume I will just switch to CTR week #12 for next week taper?

    The thing is then the next race is 2 weeks after this one and then there is another race 2 weeks after that. Should I do this pattern:

    Week#3 CTR this week, CTR week#12 taper, race, recovery week, CTR #12 taper week, race, recovery week, CTR #12 taper, race, recovery week, then back to CTR plan?

    If so, what is a good pattern week for the recovery weeks?

    I can draw from the 100mile PR, Cat 1 Cross Country, CTR, or SS Base.



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    I just re-checked my current plans from recommendations from you and you prescribed a “week off” for recovery weeks. So maybe that is the best pattern.


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    4/15 – Change to week 12 CTR plan
    4/22 – week 11
    4/29 – week 12 PMBAR/PRAR
    5/06 – week off
    5/13 – week 12

    Coach Lynda

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