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Weight Loss Base Plan or Time Crunched Base Plan?

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      Hi Lynda, This is David from Mexico! Thank you for this coaching space. This year has come to a late start for me but I’m right in time to follow through 3 1/2 of your plans for the whole season. I hope you can help me define better how to adapt the 12 week plans to the race calendar; thank you very much for your time!

      First off, you should know that I’m coming from a slow 2018 where I gained quite some weight. I’ve been shedding some of it for the past months but I’m still several pounds away from where I’d like to start my season. That being said, I’m unsure of whether I should do a run on the Weight Loss plan for the first block or go straight ahead to the Time Crunched XC Cat 1 Base Plan considering that there are two races at the end of the first block. (I haven’t purchased the Base Plan so I don’t know if it accounts for a couple races at the end)

      BLOCK 1 (14 weeks)
      May 4th: 66 mi Sagan’s fondo in Truckee (just for fun)
      May 12th: low priority XC race
      Q: Should I do the Weight Loss and Base Plan or Time crunched XC Cat 1 Base Plan?
      Q: What should I do with the 2 weeks surplus? I was thinking doing a couple of weeks of the Weight Loss plan before starting with the XC Base Plan, but I’m not sure which plan will help me better with the rest of the year’s goals considering my current situation.

      BLOCK 2 (12 weeks)
      July 28th: low priority XC race
      August 4th: high priority XC race
      ===> Time Crunched XC Cat 1 Build, Peak, Race.
      Q: It fits snugly in the calendar, any recommendations regarding starting with Week 1 right after Week 12 of the previous block?

      BLOCK 3 (10 weeks)
      Oct 10-13: Baja Epic Stage Race (medium priority)
      ===> 4 Day Mountain Bike Stage Race
      Q: Since I’d only have exactly 10 weeks for this block, what modifications would you recommend I do to the 4-Day Plan in order to make the schedule?

      BLOCK 4 (5 weeks)
      Nov 17: high priority 100km race
      ===> 100mi Race Plan. I remember you mentioning from an older post that I should rest for a whole week and then do the last 4 weeks of 100km Race Plan, so we’re good there 👍🏽👍🏽

      Thank you very much for your time, Lynda!

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      Hi David,

      Thanks for all the info. That looks like a great season you have lined up.

      2/11 – Follow the TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan. Repeat week 2 to extend the plan to 13 weeks.

      5/13 – Follow the TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan to a peak at your August 4th: high priority XC race

      8/5 – take a week off training for recovery

      8/12 – follow weeks 1-7 of the 100 km Mountain Bike Race Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan

      9/30 – jump to week 11 then week 12 and race Baja Epic in week 12.

      10/14 – week off training for recovery

      10/21 – follow weeks 9 – 12 of the 100km PR plan to peak for Nov 17: high priority 100km race

      Coach Lynda

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        Hi Lynda!

        I was about to start week 7 of the “TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race” plan when I fell of my bike 🙁 I fell on Week6-Day6, skipped the weekend and the next 5 weekdays, then started exactly where I stopped one week later. I’m just about to end Week 7 this weekend, but I’m now one week short in time 🙁 I feel pretty well recovered at the moment so the low-volume of Week’s 8 start has me thinking that maybe I should skip some of it.

        Could you recommend me where to cut in the Training Plan so I can follow the plan’s last 3 weeks as I have 3 races in a row lined up just as the training plan suggests ?

        Thank you very much !

        ps. I’m not doing the 2x50km non-priority with heavy climbing on Week 8’s weekend as I suggested earlier –I intend to stick to the plan as much as possible, except that on weekends I usually go a bit harder and longer since that’s when I can really push it.

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      Thank you very much for this rundown, Lynda! I will get to it and update as the year goes by. I don’t have the Cat 1 Base training yet, so it will be my 5th LW Coaching plan I purchase 😯😯 Very excited to start next week!

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      Happy training!!

      Coach Lynda

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      Hi Lynda! I’m progressing very well according to your suggestions and already breaking some personal records, thank you very much!

      I’m thinking about including a 2 x 50km non-priority race with serious climbing (over 1200m in less than 20 km’s) on the 8th weekend of the “TIME CRUNCHED Cat 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race TP”. I’m a little worried that it might hinder the 9th week’s heavy training and that I won’t be able to recover well enough for the final 4 week block while following with the training plan’s original schedule.

      Besides taking it super easy on this race (as described on the TP), is there a way I could shift a few weeks around so I could go a bit harder on weekend 8th?


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      Hi Dekaru,

      Great to hear you are breaking personal records.

      I recommend dropping week 9 from the plan. After your race at the end of week 8, take 3 days off the bike then finish the week with short easy recovery spins. Get back on your schedule in week 10.

      Coach Lynda

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