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Voodoo Fire

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      Hey Lynda,

      The Cat 1 XC base program has worked out incredible. I raced a 66 mile XC race last weekend – Voodoo Fire. It's part of an endurance series here.

      My finish time was about 5:10. I finished in 3rd place out of ~70 riders that started in my age group. I was about 5 minutes off the leader in my age group. Last year I came in 23rd and 1 hour off the leader. 

      I don't think I'd change anything about how I paced myself or fed myself. It was 3 laps and I had slightly negative split for each lap. I could see maybe going out slightly harder in first 5 minutes to have a better spot going into the single track. But, I could have also paid for that later – so no regrets. It was really hot, but I stayed on top of my hydration pretty well. 9 bottles in 5 hours.

      There was a high premium on cornering. That is the one area that I realize I need to focus some effort on. Time to put the cones in the parking lot and do some practice.

      Anyway, thanks for the great plan. I started CTR plan 2 weeks early and had a good first week. 12 hours of Mesa Verde is next.

      Thanks, Pat

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      3rd place! Awesome. Congrats!!

      Keep up the hard work 🙂


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