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Vivosmart HR and TP data

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      I just starting using a Vivosmart HR (wrist based HR) and noticed that it does strange things occasionally. Today it spiked my HR to 175bpm while I was standing still (was at about 140bpm at the time of spike). I have compared it (once on spin bike, not a valid data set) to my chest HR band + Garmin 510 and it did not record recovery very well. It stayed higher on rests and at the end of the workout versus the band/Garmin510 and takes longer to get back to resting HR. Otherwise, during the spin it was very close to the band/Garmin.

      1) Is this important to the data accuracy in TP?
      2) I really, really dislike the band (it feels suffocating). Is it ok to keep training with the VivosmartHR?

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      How and where you wear a Vivosmart HR can impact accuracy. As you’re struggling with accuracy, ensure you’ve tried:

      A) Moving it away from the wrist bone. It should be at least 1-2cm away (and never on-top).
      B) Try putting it on the inside of your wrist (the soft fleshy part, generally sensors do better there)
      C) Try the other wrist, you’d be surprised how often that makes a difference

      1) Yes
      2) Yes, if you are able to increase the accuracy.


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      Thanks! I will try your suggestions and compare to chest band on next spin.

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      I moved the Vivosmart to inside my wrist and the HR was more erratic vs the HR band/Garmin 510. The band wasn’t as bad as I remembered, so I will switch to the band.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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