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      This is the most popular mtb race in Bulgaria:

      I was trying to finish under 6 hrs for two years in a row. My 2013 time on this ~90 km / 1800m climb route was 6h10m. In 2014 due to some technical breakdowns I finished in 7h13m.

      And finally with the help of LWC training plans – goal achieved!

      This year I finished in 5h23m and 66th out of 1095 men. It happened so that I was very time crunched in the last 5 weeks before race and now I’m pretty sure that next year if I manage to follow the plan closer I can move further ahead.

      I felt strong almost the entire race. Some hints of cramping between 70 to 80 km, but got away with it. My mantra was “No fade – just like in training” 🙂

      Take aways from the race:
      * Need to be able to start faster (long narrow single path rather early in the race).
      * Be more diligent with fueling!

      I guess now, when I’m so much more confident in my abilities, plus sticking closer to training plan and especially vo2 & threshold intervals will fix my not-so-good start. Hungry to try and get under 5 hrs next year 😀

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      That looks like a tough event. Congrats on smashing your goal of finishing in under 6 hours! You are looking good for a sub 5 hours next year.

      Thanks for the report!


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