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Using power to help pacing during event

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      AvatarPaul Hatcher

      Hi Linda and team,

      I’ve been following the 5-7 day stage race plan and I’m almost at the end of it: my event starts next Sunday. I’d like to say thank you for a really good training plan that I feel has prepared me well. I have one final question for you…

      I’ve used my power meter throughout the training to gauge training efforts. How can I best use power during the event itself to maintain a sustainable pace and to make sure I’m not overcooking myself too early? Any advice or links to articles/resource would be appreciated.

      Best regards,

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      Hi Paul,

      Great to hear you are well prepared. Pacing is a great question, especially for the Transpyr as some of the mid and later stages are the most demanding. Use every tactic you know to conserve power such as drafting (if allowed) working with other riders and tucking on descents. The less power you can spend to go the same speed the better.

      Power L2-3 is your sustainable pace for sections when you are steadily pedaling on-the-gas, such as long climbs and uninterrupted flat areas.

      Any power bursts above power L3 you do spend must have a significant strategic advantage, such as maintaining momentum and powering over a short hill, passing a rider prior to single-track or closing a gap so you can draft. Minimize these power bursts over the first few stages and spend them freely in the last stage!

      Coach Lynda

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      AvatarXavier Mora

      Hi Paul
      how was your race??
      Any recomendation about the race pace and recovery??



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