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Unplanned stage race

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      I’m currently in week 8 day 4 of the 100km PR plan, having missed most of week 6 to a chest cold but back on track and feeling good.

      I recently got the opportunity to take part in the Pisgah Stage Race (5 day stage race that will start on day 2 of week 9 of the training plan I’m currently doing. I’m sure it’s probably ill advised but I’ve been wanting to do this one for a couple years now and didn’t really have the chance so I’m planning to take the opportunity. The events I originally targeted are still a high priority but I do understand this is probably not ideal timing.

      Anyhow, any easy recommendations on making the adjustment to fit the stage race in? I do understand that is maybe not a simple question so if its bigger than this forum no worries.

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      Hi MattS,

      I’ve heard the Pisgah Stage race is pretty awesome!! It actually fits ok and is not too terrible of a plan training-wise!

      Here is how to fit it in:

      – Replace the week 8 day 5-7 rides, with the week 11 days 5-7 rides.
      – Replace week 9 day 1 with week 12 day 6 (pre-race day)
      – Take 3 days off after finishing the stage race
      – Continue on in week 10 riding easy recovery rides
      – Week 11 if you are still tired, continue with the recovery rides. If you feel recovered get back on plan but only do half of the volume on days 2, 3 and 5.

      Have a great race!

      Coach Lynda

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      Thanks so much Lynda! – I’m pretty excited about it.

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