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      Quick question: what is the official position on two-a-days? On the one hand, i can see that it clearly is not always appropriate to breakup workouts into two. For example, if you’re training for a six hour race, riding 3 hours at a time twice a day wouldn’t cut it.

      But, I know that plenty of elite athletes incorporate the concept into their overall strategy (j-pow i believe was one).

      When i used to row in college, we used to do the same thing.

      And finally as a new york city resident, i sometimes find i have to do my workouts on the trainer even when it’s nice out, as it would otherwise take too long to get to a stretch of open road to do an interval (or such stretch simply doesn’t exist). And then, between the intervals and the zone 1/2 spinning to finish out the ride, it’s just far too much time to spend on the trainer. Breaking up into intervals and then a separate ride would just be so much better mentally.

      So, the questions:

      if doing intervals in the AM and then a spin in the PM, do you add some “extra” spinning to make the overall workload / stress the same?

      and, is that even the right way to break it up, or would AM spinning plus PM intervals be better?

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      There is not a clear yes/no answer here. There are cases where 2-a-days are valuable and cases where recovery and sleep have higher value than a second workout. Professional athletes have much more time in their schedule to get the required rest and fit in a second session than most working athletes with families and other time commitments.

      Doing an extra PM spin may be valuable or may be junk miles reducing your overall recovery to a sub-optimal level.

      If you are breaking it up, doing the quality higher intensity work first and lower intensity work in the second session is ideal.


      Request: please don’t use the word “quick” in a question. I get this daily and questions are rarely that. Appreciated 🙂

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      haha very fair. I don’t know where hte impulse to say it is “quick” comes from. I should work on that.

      And, that makes perfect sense, actually.

      Thank you!

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