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TransPortugal 2015

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      Hi, just a quick summary, more later.

      TransPortugal: over a 1,000km in 8 days, full length north to south of Portugal. Furthest I´d ever ridden on an MTB before was 90km. Shortest day on the TP was 95, most were well over 130km. Always wanted to do a big “epic” and this was “local”. Had severe doubts I could do this by just getting more miles in and dropping a bit of weight. Followed Lynda`s plans and not only completed the distance, did so in a very satisfying time, coming 38th out of 91. All I wanted was to finish, ended up racing for placing! Plenty of others were very physically drained and many much younger, slimmer and faster than I (on day one) were feeling the strain by days 5 and 6. I was sceptical of the plan as I thought it should have bigger miles in it, shows what I know! I just followed the plan (even strayed a bit through short episode of man-flu and a week cycle-touring with friends, but just got back on track and did what I was told. Have no doubt that the plan worked for me, the discipline and motivation it provided, the testing regime, the off-bike sessions, all worked to make sure I not only finished, but did so in a decent physical condition. As for the race? Truly an amazing event, very well organised by experienced professionals who have nothing but the interests of the riders at their hearts. Its tough, but achievable. The handicap system means that all ages and sexes are given a chance to succeed and indeed the event was one by a woman this year (Kate Aardal). Full report later, just wanted to post some feedback on the merits of following a plan for a big event…Thanks Lynda.

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      Thanks for the report. Sounds like a fantastic 8 days on a bike. Your write-up makes me jealous!! Congrats first on achieving your primary goal of finishing and congrats again on smashing that goal coming 38th out of 91 – splendid!

      Thanks for the nice words about the training plans – much appreciated.


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