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training plan stack for multiple races

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      Hello Lynda,
      I have 3 A races on the schedule for 2021 and am looking for a plan stack to get me through the races.

      Trans South Dakota bike packing race, bikepacking/packrafting (Sprint-340 miles)-July 17th

      The CrusherEX cut-off 36 hours, mountain bike, water crossings, hike a bike up rock faces, mud, sugar sand, self supported, lots of climbing (250 miles-can be done anytime between July1-Sept 30th, was thinking sometime in mid August-but open to suggestions)

      Marji Gesick 100 mountain bike race -Sept 18th

      Thanks, Noelle

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      Hi Noelle,

      Wow these are amazing looking events!

      Tell me a little more about yourself.
      1. What are your race goals?
      2. Are you racing single-speed or gears?
      3. What is your age?

      With more information I can recommend the best plan stack.

      Coach Lynda

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      Sorry, I realized I didn’t include any information regarding myself. I have raced several endurance events (ironman, 50-100 mile mountain bike races, self supported iron and half iron distance triathlons, off road 50-115 mile-very remote self supported off road events, and several ultramarathons. However bikepacking events are new to me and the distances beyond 150 miles are new to me. My goal is to finish in the allotted time and do well. I’m racing a geared mountain bike. Female, will be 45 in January, work in healthcare so quite busy right now, however able to commute in and train before and after work. I also have access to a gym at work. I work a 4 day week. No children.

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      Hi Noelle,

      Thanks for the additional information. I recommend you follow this training plan stack to peak for your first events.

      11-23-20: Start our 12-week Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan . Follow all 12 weeks to end on 2-14-2021

      2-15-2021: Take a week off the training plan to catch up on a missed week or for extra rest.

      2-22-21: Start our 12-week Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan and follow weeks 1 – 8, ending on 4-18-21. This is an 8 week speed and power training block to build your performance for hills and demanding terrain. This will also bring your fitness up a level.

      4-19-21: Take a week off the training plan to catch up on a missed week or for extra rest.

      4-26-21: Start our 12-week 2 – 5 day Bikepacking Race Mountain Bike Training Plan and follow all 12 weeks to a peak at your TSD race on 7-17

      7-19-21: Take 1 week off the bike after TSD
      7-26-21: Another week off-plan consisting of short easy recovery rides.

      7-26-21: Switch to the Masters 40+ 100 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record training plan

      7-26-21: week 9
      8-2-21: week 10
      8-9-21: week 11
      8-16-21: week 12 and do Crusher EX on 8-21 or 8-22
      8-23-21: week off
      8-30-21: week 10
      9-6-21: week 11
      9-13-21: week 12 and race Marji Gesick

      That’s a super year!!
      Coach Lynda

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      Awesome! I really appreciate your help!

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