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    Lynda, a good friend, Jason Shearer, has directed me to your plans for a little more structure to my training. I am a mid pack Cat 2 racer with a good base already built, but have always just got on the bike or trainer and rode, never had a set plan to go by. Looking to find a podium or 2 this XC and CX season, what do you suggest? The first race of the XC season is Mid March and continues through June with a break in the summer and resumes back in September and October. Following that is CX Season. I would like a plan or set of plans to help keep me on track for the bulk of that. Unfortunately, I am no longer close to any trails and have a far drive to get out there to work on skills and technique. Most of weekly riding is done on a smart trainer with longer rides on the road bike over the weekends. Due to life and kids, I have been averaging about 4 hours a week on the bike, but looking to up that for 2019. Please let me know what you suggest. Thanks!

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    Hi JWT,

    I recommend you follow our Time Crunched Cat 1 training plans These are 12 week training plans. As you already have a good base I recommend you start the TIME CRUNCHED Category 1 Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak and Race Mountain Bike Training Plan early to mid-Janiary, 12 weeks prior to your first race.

    During the season break, follow the time crunched Base plan to rebuild your base fitness, then return to the Build, Peak and Race plan for the second race and CX seasons.

    Coach Lynda

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    Thanks for the advice! I purchased the Time Crunched Build, Peak and Race plan and will start on Monday. Looking forward to it!

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