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Training plan difference and FTP test

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      I have three day stage race in August (21.8 50km, 22.8 80km and 23.8 50km). I have already 100 mile personal best training plan. Could I use that plan for my race or should I have stage plan? I was wondering what is the difference between those plans?

      An other question about FTP. When I did the test I rode as hard as I could and my result was 174 watts. The thing I don’t understand is how come I could be able to ride in my training (for example 3×20 min) 0,97% of my FTP with my heart rate on level 4. Since the 20 minutes in the FTP test was all I had and my average HR was 164 (my max HR is 173) and my lactate threshold HR is 153.
      So should the FTP test be done on my lactate threshold HR or as hard as I can ride for 20 min?

      Thank you!

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      Hi Tuula,

      You will be ok following the 100 mile PR plan but have more optimized training for the stage race by following the stage race plan. The stage race plan will prepare you to race on back-2-back days and learn how to recover best from day 1 to be strong on day 2 and 3.

      If your average HR for the 20 min test was 164bpm, that is your threshold HR, not 153 bpm.

      The threshold test should be ridden at the highest average power you can maintain.

      Coach Lynda

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