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      Hi Lynda,
      I am on the 50 mile finisher program, my race is Jan 14th. This is really the only “race” I do each year.

      After the race, I want to be able to ride regularly on weekends with my husband (fast!) and friends (more social paced) and be confident to ride for about 20-30 miles, up to 3500′ of climbing, with enough energy for a good amount of technical “power moves”. Additionally, I’d like to be prepared for 2 or 3 epic long weekend type (up to 5 days) vacations at elevation this summer.

      I am also over 40. I am not overly limited by time most weeks.

      1) Which plan would you recommend?

      2) Can I use one plan over and over until it is time to start the 12 week PR plan for 50 miler?

      Thank you!

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      I recommend you take a week off after your 50 miler for deep rest then start back up training with the Winter Mountain Bike Fitness Maintenance. This is exactly the plan you are looking for. Weekday workouts are short and focused on speed work in a progressive manner and weekends are less structured and open for riding with your fast hubby 🙂

      After following this 12-week Winter Maintenance plan, do another run through your 50 miler plan. I don’t like using the same training plan back-2-back as that leads to staleness. Rotating several plans works better.


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      Oh, perfect! Thank you, Lynda!

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