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Training and racing with Beta Blockers?

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      Hi Lynda,

      Any thoughts on training and racing with Beta blockers? Obviously the “old” heart rate targets are gone and the new ones mean..?

      Training with power? What has been lost with the decreased max hr?


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      Obviously the first step is to talk with your Dr to get clearance to exercise, train and race. Underlying health issues that precipitated the need to take beta blockers are always the first concern.

      Beta blockers have many drawbacks for endurance athletes; they act as a heart rate governor, reduce cardiac output and lower VO2max. They can make you feel dizzy and some MTBers report reduced agility and technical skills on the bike. They can make it harder to stay cool on hot days.

      I don’t recommend pushing your limits and training at your maximum capabilities while on beta blockers. Exercising at lower intensities on cooler days with your Dr approval is likely the best option.

      Coach Lynda

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