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      For the pedaling skill days (Tuesday’s generally) the option for a 60 min Technical mountain bike ride, should there be effort to keep heart rate in the lower zones similar to the trainer/spin class workout? Or just ride some technical stuff for an hour?


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      Yes, keep heart rate in the lower zones similar to the trainer workout.

      In heart rate zone 1-2, ride to a technical section of trail you are challenged by, can ride, but are not smooth and graceful over. This section of trail should feel challenging but not scary.

      Repeat your trail section until you can ride it smoothly. Observe, visualize, ride, rest, refine, repeat. The goal is to ride the obstacles with perfect form like a pro. If you pause, bobble or are less than graceful, keep repeating until you ride with flow.

      Finish the ride with a short cool down spin in heart rate zones 1-2.


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      Follow up questions
      Time Crunched Cat 1 Base – just finished week 2

      1. When you suggest endurance training rides SS do you mean the ones with endurance in the name? or the long ride on Sunday’s as well?
      2. This might not be a straightforward answer, but I live in a really hilly area and most of the riding that I do includes a lot of more extended climbing and therefore descending, on an SS it becomes really challenging to maintain zone 2 but then i’m totally geared out for a while, do you have some general guidelines for those endurance workouts where the target is zone 1-2 and I’m going to be climbing/descending some. I realize this isn’t the totally ideal situation.
      3. lastly if you happen to make a poor route decision on the longer ride of the week and end up having to work a little harder than anticipated for a little longer than anticipated to get home in time. I’m assuming it would be wise to take a day off.

      Lynda response-
      1. Do all long rides SS
      2. With a power meter on your SS bike it is easier to pace these rides. Aim for 0.66 IF for these rides.
      3. Again, this can be quantified with a power meter. Reduce the following ride by the number of TSS you went over budget.

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      Thanks, a power meter isn’t likely in the budget this year. I think I can apply these general concepts to heart rate and perceived exertion though.

      Really enjoying the plan so far, thanks for the responses!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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