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Test of Endurance Results

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      Hi Lynda – Used the Cat 1 base plan and the 6-hr PR plan to prepare for a 50-miler (+a 6-hour race).  Because of time constraints, I cropped the PR plan so that I was only doing the four “big rides” each week.


      This Saturday, I raced the Test of Endurance 50 in Oregon for the 4th time.  I cut more than 26 minutes off my time, even in unusual 85 degree heat, and that was after losing 8-10 minutes to a broken chain.  Better than that, I felt great until about the 5-hour mark.  Splits for the two laps were almost identical. Nailed the pacing. After the first hour, I was never passed (except when I broke the chain).  Fueling worked spectacularly.  The plan gave me times to experiment.  And it took some trial and error. 


      The ingredients worked, especially the two weekend ride sequences.  For the V02 and tempo climbs, I found the nastiest ascents I could, much worse than anything on the course today.  


      So thanks!  Keep doing what your doing!



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      Congrats on riding faster!

      Thanks for the great report and feedback.



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