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terrain in relation to program

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      Hi There

      Firstly I am glad I have come across your website as I feel this is just what I should be looking for .
      After much reading through questions and comments I know I should be looking at ’40+ base building plan ‘ ( 43 yrs old , been mountain biking for years but with no structure).

      I have found a sample plan and I am just trying to get my head around where I can ride these workouts given local terrain . If a hill is steeper than described I presume one would just select a gear to be easier to keep HR in the selected zone ?

      Also I think I would just need to get my head around driving to some trail locations instead of the usual 300 odd meter and 20-30 climbs I would normally do to get to technical sections .



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      Hi Dave,

      Welcome to LW Coaching!

      Yes exactly, use all your gears to follow the prescribed training zones.

      Having variety in your training locations is optimal.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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