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    Anybody else have difficulty tapering? I find that aside from worrying that i’m not doing enough and am losing fitness (which i realize is mental), i often feel worse subjectively than I did when i was training and tired. Meaning, i’ll feel good for a few days, then start feeling worse before I feel better again, and sometimes it’s hard to stay confident and stay the course.

    And, since I’ve been using an HRV app, i usually get “bad” HRV responses AFTER a longer period of rest, ironically. For exaple, HRV will be low after a hard training block, rise again a day or two later, but then fall again if i keep resting. Very strange!

    Have you ever seen this or experienced this before, and if so, what do you think is the reason? Maybe at first accumulated stress hormones mask the bad feeling, but then as you keep resting and those hormones clear out, you end up feeling subjectively worse even though physiologically you’re more recovered?

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    Hi devolikewhoa83,

    Tapering is not easy to get right! Feeling subjectively worse than you did when training can be mental or can be from fewer endorphins being produced. All sorts of new aches and pains can pop up in a taper which doesn’t make you feel any better. Feeling tired is normal as you likely will have just come off a big final training block before your peak race. It is likely you feel this way in a normal rest week too.

    HRV will go down after a big training block and at the start of your taper and then should rebound. Exercise is not the only factor that impacts HRV so consider other sources of stress and fatigue when looking at HRV numbers.

    Feeling flat in a taper while you are unloading fatigue is common. Sometimes it is from over-doing the final big training block. Sometimes it is from shutting it down too much and dumping too much CTL. This is why it is important to have opener type workouts in your race week prior to your peak event to ramp your system back up to race mode.


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    Thanks Linda, I appreciate these thoughts. I think a lot of it is mental; it’s easy to fall into the mentality as an athlete that if you are working hard / tired, you must be doing all that you can do in order to get faster. It makes it hard to stay the course if you feel worse even while resting.

    On the HRV point, I guess i should clarify that it isn’t that HRV starts to fall again after resting, but rather that my HRV app only starts to give “advice” about how well one is adjusting to a training block after there’s been enough readings to see a statistically significant trend.

    on the one hand this is good (it means going riding tired one day will not make it suddenly start telling you MALADAPTATION or anything like that), but it also means that by the time it starts telling you to take it easy, in many cases you already have been taking it easy. I think what happened the past few times is that I overdid it at the end of the last big block, and by the time i was a good few days into the rest week, the app “noticed” it.

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