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Tapering advice for 200km 1 day Gravel event

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      Advice would be great for the last few weeks of my training for the Kielder Dirty 200km Gravel event with 3500m of climbing. Using a geared Touring Bike stripped down for gravel.
      I completed a road 200km this weekend which is 4 weeks before the event. I paced myself and did not dig too deep but was obviously tired.
      My main miles are behind me now which consisted of rides 3 to 5 hours Sat and Sun and turbo twice mid week. I will start shorter Power type sessions as per your plans and advice in the lead up to the event.
      My dilemma is that I have a local road 200km 2 weeks before my Gravel Event.
      I would think this would take around 10 to 11 hours on hilly terrain, would this be good use of my time for increased progression on sitting on the bike for long duration.
      Is this too close to my event to arrive “completely fresh” for race day.
      I anticipate my race day time will be 14 to 15 hours and will be pleased to just finish.
      Or I could do a ride of my own with a time to suit my needs/requiments.
      Cheers Graham (over 50 years old.)

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      A 200 km, 2 weeks before your Gravel Event is too close to your event to arrive “completely fresh” for race day. Do they have a shorter option like a 50 km? That would be better or do a ride of your own.


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        Thanks Lynda,
        I knew really, but wanted to support a local Event, the coach knows best!

        I will do my own shorter ride in full race kit set up.

        On a seperate note I have been surprised how much the strength and esp. the core training has improved my lack of fatigue on the long rides and comfort i.e back and shoulder aches etc the day after and during the ride almost non existent, the program works! I did not do enough core stuff last season.

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