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Sweet spot ?

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      Hi Lynda , I hope all is well .

      Just a question on the masters MTB base program ( I plan on starting it again soon), and the L4 workouts …..

      I travel alot for work and am listening alot to trainer road podcasts and all the talk of ‘sweetspot’.
      And recently I saw on Instagram, Andrea (brickhouse racing) refer to you and also TR’s Sweetspot in a post .

      Are the mid week L4 worksouts in MMtbBP just sweetspot by another name ?
      Ive thrown a few in to the mix (drag and dropped in on TR ) the last couple weeks and they seemed a bit tough compared to a potenial percieved 88-94% of ftp .
      Although to be fair I suspect I have had a drop in FTP .

      My goal again this year is Whaka100 and am actually thinking of going along the lines of the reccomendation that you made to ‘Helen’ in the last couple weeks.


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      Hi Dave,

      The L4 intervals on our Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan are 98% of FTP. This is threshold intensity and definitely a higher level than sweet spot.

      Coach Lynda

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