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Susitna 100 race training report

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      Recycled last year’s 100 Mile PR plan for this 100 mile backcountry snow bike race over mixed surfaces of frozen swamps, rivers and variable snow. Mandatory 15 pounds of safety gear was required, of course training with the race kit is part of the plan.

      Low snow winter in Anchorage meant icy trails, so I incorporated Zwift and indoor trainer for many of the mid-week hill sprints, intervals and the other important mid-week workouts. Drove north to the region where the race took place on weekends for the long rides. I also used Zwift for repeatable fitness tests.

      I followed the plan very closely and at 51 years old, committed to 8 hours sleep each night to insure recovery and growth. Nutritionally, I consumed considerably more than last years effort, this too was a positive tweek.

      Just missed top ten, however very happy with my result and enjoying the surprise of many at my strong finish. This plan works! Thank you for making quality coaching so available, and affordable.

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      Congrats on such a great race performance and the kind words about my training plans. That brings a big smile to my face 🙂


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