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Super results in TNGA 350 Mile Race and First-Ever 700 Mile Yo-Yo

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      Hi, I just wanted to give a big thank you! I just participated in the Trans North Georgia (TNGA) 350 mile race on my Single speed Fat Bike. This race is in the steep northern mountains of GA. It has higher gradient per mile than the Colorado Trail race. Last year I raced the TNGA on the same bike and finished in 3 days-8 hours. It pretty much wiped me out completely to get to the finish line. It took several weeks to recover and grow back all of the missing skin from my butt and feet 🙂

      This year I had two (possibly contradictory) goals. 1: Improve on my finish time, and 2: when I get to the finish, turn around and ride all the way back to the start. (i.e. do the first ever yo-yo of the TNGA).

      Last year, goal 2 would have been impossible for me physically.

      In June I started the 12 week 10-15 day bikepacking race training plan. With some consultation from Lynda and following the plan with all of the great additional technical details on fueling, bikepacking racing, and time management strategy, I managed to meet both of those goals with room to spare!

      I am really stoked. I managed to shave 16 hours off of my finish time (20% improvement) and I was able to turn around and complete the first ever yo-yo of the TNGA! I was certainly tied at the end, but not wiped out. Here it is a few days later and I feel almost back to normal.

      It was really cool to see everything work, the physical training, the constant controlled fueling, hydration, time management, bike fitting and proper pedaling and riding posture, gear testing and bike prep, and good strategy application.

      Thank you so much! Now to maintain this conditioning and start dreaming about the next big challenge.


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      Huge congrats on smashing BOTH of your goals – neither were easy! All of your hard work paid off. I watched the race reports and saw pics on Facebook and you looked great the whole way.

      Thanks for the nice words about my training plans.


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