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Subzero temp – training in/out?

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      After completing the 12wk +40 MTB base plan, I’m now near the end of week 8 of the 3-4 days stage race prep plan. Everything has gone quite well so far in prep for my 4-stage MTB stage race at Lanzarote in the end of January (total race time approx 9½h with stages of 2, 2½, 1 and 4h).

      My challenge – living in Denmark – is the it is quite cold now and I have 4h and 5h of training in the weekend. I can manage a maybe 2-3h outside, but then I’m getting too cold for more (I’m close to 60y).

      I have good setup for indoor training, but is somewhat booring to do 5h inside…so what would be your advice: to combine inside and outside training, do a harder training (so shorter) or what would be the best?



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      Hi Bo,

      My advice is to keep the intensity the same and shorten your weekend ride to 3 hours. Use the extra time to improve your recovery and increase the quality of your shorter, more intense, weekday rides. Aim to do your 3 hour ride outside in one continuous session but if it is too cold, split it up and accumulate the time indoors and outside.

      I make this recommendation due to the shorter duration of most of the stages in your goal event and also your age.

      Coach Lynda

Viewing 1 reply thread
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