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Substitute with indoor ride?

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      Hi Coach Lynda –
      I’m on week 10 of the Week #10 LW Coaching Category 1 Cross Country Base Training Plan and wondering if you have a suggestion for a modification for an indoor ride instead of the 260 TSS outdoor hard & fast offroad ride (3:45), as I’m snowed in here in Michigan and don’t have a fat bike (yet). I could find a comparable indoor workout in the TrainerRoad library (sounds brutal), or do a long indoor endurance ride (probably 6 hours) to get to 260 TSS, or I could shift some of the TSS load by adding on to indoor workouts earlier in the week. Thoughts? I’ll probably have the same problem next week too.

      Thank you for all you do!

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      Hi Ty,

      Do you have another aerobic endurance sport outside you can do in the snow? Doing a short fast ride on the trainer and then finishing off the time cross-training outside at a lower intensity is a good option.

      Coach Lynda

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