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Strength Training w/ Shoulder Repair

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      I used the plan finder for an endurance race in April 2020. I’m a masters athlete (I’ll be 51 in a month) and the plan finder gave me:

      Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Base Training Plan,
      Masters 40+ Cross Country Mountain Bike Build, Peak And Race Training Plan, and
      100 Km Personal Record

      I have had both rotator cuffs repaired and a biceps tenodesis in one shoulder.

      1. Are there alternatives to the power clean and dumbbell snatch workouts?

      I don’t mind doing more assisted pull ups but I don’t like to do any jerking or snatching motions with my shoulders.


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      Hi Joel,

      Inverted rows are an alternative to power cleans. Level 1 here To increase intensity to level 2 straighten legs and for level 3 put feet on a box.

      Unilateral Low Cable Rotating Pull is a good alternative to db snatch

      Coach Lynda

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