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    I’m starting the cat-1 base plan on 31 December (moved up to cat-1 after winning cat-2 WV series 2018).

    Questions on strength training:
    1. If workout is 1:00:00 in TP, and says “do 30 minutes of …” [Day #1], which is it?
    2. If workout is 1:00:00 in TP, and says do the following [list], is timing important? (guessing not)
    3. Foam roll is 0:10:00, just approximate timing?

    I’m an engineer, so when numbers don’t match, I get concerned. 😛

    –Scott P.

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    Congrats on your series win and upgrade to Cat 1!

    1. The workout is 1:00. 30 mins of core + 30 min of Stability Exercises for Cyclists

    2. Correct. Do the exercises and don’t worry about the time. Some athletes are more efficient and some gyms are easier to move around, so focus on content not duration for strength work.

    3. Correct, approximate time. If you are +/- 10% duration you are on target for a 10 min foam roller session. Yoga classes can be +/- 25%. I have 1:00 for the average yoga class but if your class is only 45 mins that is fine.

    I like engineer questions! Your feedback will make my plans better. I will now look at re-wording the session referred to in question 1.


    Coach Lynda

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