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Strength Training?

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    Week 9 Masters XC Base Plan

    Power Endurance B

    “Then do 3 x 12 reps (except glute bridge and box blasts are 3 x 20 reps) with 3 minutes rest between.”

    Then below it:

    Glute bridge single-leg 20 per leg
    Box Blasts 20 each leg
    Dumbell 1 arm snatch 12 reps each side

    I assume the second description is the one to go with?

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    Will you point out how the descriptions differ. They look the same to me but I realize I have reviewed this info many times and may be missing something here.

    Coach Lynda

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    In the first description it has 3×20 reps, which is 60 total.

    In the second description it has 20 on each leg. 40 total

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    Thanks for the additional feedback. I have edited the workout. Does this read more clearly?

    Power-Endurance B
    Focus: Fast lifts to build power. Speed and control is more important than weight lifted.

    Warm up with 5 mins of cardio activity. Then do 3 x 12 reps (except glute bridge and box blasts are 1 x 20 reps per leg) with 3 minutes rest between sets. Never go to failure. Lift with good technique and at a fast powerful and controlled speed with no bouncing at the top or bottom of any lifts. Intensity is moderate-hard and never to failure.

    – 3 x 12 Power clean
    – 3 x 12 Pushpress barbell
    – 1 x 20 Glute bridge single-leg (20 per leg)
    – 10 minutes of core work
    – 1 x 20 Box Blasts each leg. Do the box blasts in a fast and explosive manner
    – 3 x 12 Dumbell 1-arm snatch 12 reps each side
    – 3 x 12 Standing straight arm pull down
    – 10 mins do core work or strengthen a personal weakness or complete personal rehab exercises.

    Finish with 5 minutes of stretching.

    Coach Lynda

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    Not to be picky but the dumbbell one arm snatch should not be 3×12. Just 12 each arm.

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    Really. Why?

    I always appreciate feedback.

    Coach Lynda

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