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    My buddy and I followed your 50 mile Finisher plan last year to train for the Tru Grit 50. We finished around 8 1/2hours, but learned a ton. We just finished the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow as a Duo, and improved our speed dramatically after a strong summer of training, both hitting 6 laps/81 miles.

    I’m 49 and he’s 47. I’m 225 lbs and he’s 255 lbs. We are built like offensive linemen if you are familiar with football. Our bike skills and technical riding are our strengths. We are building speed, but we are both riding trail/enduro bikes. He’s riding a Santa Cruz Tallboy (130 mm travel) and I’m riding a Hightower (150 mm travel).

    We just signed up for the 2019 True Grit again and are ready to start focused training again. We bought the 50 Mile Best Finish Time Program, but we are not ready for that time commitment. As of right now, we hit the gym 3 days a week in the morning, and ride 3-4 days a week, with our long rides on Saturday.

    I used the app and it suggested the Cat 1 Time Crunched, but there are also some more foundational 40+ programs that might fit. Our goal is to get under 6 hours at True Grit. Last year we were overly cautious and probably wasted an hour on food and rest stops that we can eliminate this year. I feel we could probably put down close to a 7 hour time right now on our bikes.

    As we move forward and get more serious about endurance racing, we have 3 questions:
    1. What training program would be best for us to prepare for improving our time at True Grit 2019?
    2. Do you have a program that can help us better develop our eating, especially race day fueling because I think that is our biggest weakness right now. (When we train we count macros and eat healthy).
    3. Would switching to carbon hardtail XC bikes be a substantial time saver at tis point, or should we ride what we are most comfortable on? My buddy has a Santa Cruz Highball carbon hardtail, but opted for the Tallboy for True Grit and Frog Hollow because of the rocks.

    Some kudos: Your plan last year was spot on for preparing us for True Grit, but it also improved our travel rides dramatically, which is ultimately our top priority over racing.
    Jason Kleber

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    Hi Jason,

    Awesome to hear you 2 are continuing to gain endurance and fitness. Congrats on finishing 25 Hours of Frog Hollow as a Duo! I just signed up for True Grit 50 again too! We have 16 weeks to race day.

    Thanks for numbering your questions:

    1. I recommend following our Masters 40+ Mountain Bike Base Mountain Bike Training Plan from now until 12/16

    12 weeks out from TG50, on 12/17, start our 12-week Masters 40+ 50 Mile Mountain Bike Personal Record Mountain Bike Training Plan

    I’ll be following this plan too! Let’s ride!

    2. Yes! We have an eBook available Fuel Right, Race Light by registered dietitian Kelli Jennings that has tons of info and specific nutrition plans for endurance racers.

    3. TG50 is not a hardtail course! If there is less than a 3 lb difference between the bikes I recommend choosing the Tallboy. If there is more than a 3 lb difference I recommend pre-riding the rocky sections on the Highball carbon HT and testing how much faster it actually is. It might not be faster… Breaking your bike or getting a flat tire is costly in time. It is much easier to flat on a HT unless you have mad skills. I broke a carbon wheel last year and it cost me over an hour to go home and get a different one.

    Thanks for the kudos. Travel rides are the best!

    Coach Lynda

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    Thanks! We’re on it.

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