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Staying on the gears too much, not using singlespeed discipline.

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      Hi Coach Lynda,

      I just raced the Bootlegger 100 (107 mile mountain gravel race with 10,000 ft of climbing) on Saturday. This was the first of three back to back races 2 weeks apart that I recently asked you about modifying my training plans for.

      Well, it was quite hard and I did not perform very well in this one. There are a bunch of reasons I suspect why, and I wanted to ask you about a couple. I’m trying to learn from what happened as much as I can.

      Here is what was primarily different. I have a new geared bike (29+) that I have been using for the past 3 weeks for my interval workouts. I still use my singlespeed fat bike for the trail and larger workouts since that is my primary race bike.

      Other than the last 3 weeks I haven’t ridden on gears in over 12years, so I am not skilled at choosing and shifting gears efficiently. This Saturday’s race was a gravel grinder, I decided to race with the geared bike. This would be the first race and only the third ride on gears I have done in the mountains. I think I really messed up riding geared Style. I think I allowed myself to push higher gears than I should for longer than I should. I really stayed on the power pretty continuously. Then, when all of the climbing came, I was climbing terribly and had no energy. I would then swing way back to lower gears than I ever use on the singlespeed. Then I was just spinning so fast but going too slow and getting passed frequently. The race started out hot with road rider style 22.5 mph average, I was in my top gear hammering hard. During the climbs I just couldn’t keep up with people I normally out-run when on the singlespeed. In fact many passed me and I usually spend my time passing folks on the climbs.

      So…. I think I fell into a trap of using gears and not being disciplined like singlespeed forces me. Additional information is that after the race, my TrainingPeaks recorded a number of new personal records for me in power for various durations, so I know I was continuously on the power for longer than normal.

      I have found that using the geared bike for the interval workouts that I can stay in the zones much better and I think I am getting more out of them, but I also find that I am spinning less and “hammering” more at lower cadence. I’m not sure if that’s good.

      Maybe I just need to be able to sustain high power for longer periods? Are there power training workouts that I should do?

      Finally, I’m wondering if my training and tapering for this race was proper and I want to make sure I am not over-training. I didn’t feel quite as energetic to start this race as normal. Could I pay you for a little consulting time to take a high level look at my Performance Management curves?

      Please let me know what you think!


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      Send me an email and we can set a consult time to go over all your factors and your PMC. There are too many variables for an accurate answer here on the forum.


      Coach Lynda

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      Thanks! I sent an email, not sure if it’s getting caught up in spam folder though.


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