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Starting the CTR on a Thursday

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      Hi Lynda!

      I am eagerly awaiting starting the training plan for the Colorado trail race, and it’s only December. 🙂

      My plan is to drive from CA to Colorado on a Sat/Sun 2 weekends before the race, work/acclimatize M-F at ~7k’ elevation, move to 9-10k’ Sat-Wed, then make my ITT start date a Thursday (8/18/22), but of course the training plan assumes a Sunday start.

      To be freshest, should I remove 3 days from the end of the training plan, or start the plan a week earlier and add 3 days of taper to the end of it?

      If adding days, what should I add and if subtracting days, which ones should be removed?

      I should also add I’m a spritely 49 year-old.

      Thank you so much!!

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      Hi Julie,

      Start the plan early and add days. Use your travel days as the extra days and bump the training plan forward as you add these extra days travelling from CA and then from 9-10k.

      Coach Lynda

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      Thanks Lynda! Using the travel days as extra rest days is a great idea! That makes it easy. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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