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      Hello Lynda,
      I’m Cele, 37, female.
      Last year I purchased and completed your CAT 1 xc mtb base plan, and started cat 1 BPR… I was doing great, I trained hard and was ready to race, but then a pandemy happened AND I discovered I have a breast cancer. I suddenly stopped training (february 2020) and started chemiotherapy, far away from home. I tried not to completely stop moving, doing some excercise and yoga stuff. By the summer I was able to do some running and low intensity ride. I had surgery in september, october and november and stopped completely because of the pain. Now I’m as good as new, still doing chemiotherapy that does not affect me at all. I have a strong wish to go back to training and race, but I feel that my body is not the same as before, and I know that I have to be patient, and that I cannot train a sick body. BUT I really need to have a plan, so Lynda, what do you suggest?
      Thank you

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      Sorry to hear about your health set-backs but it sounds like you are doing great if you are good-as-new!

      I recommend looking at our Fitness Maintenance training plan.

      Coach Lynda

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